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Dress Collection Shalwar Qameez 4 Ladies...

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Collection Shalwar Qameez 2013

Salwar tunic (shalwar kameez) ar lovely and stylish Indian fashion covering meant to intensify the feminine body. though the origin of trousers tunic is debated, it's closely related to the ladies of geographical area, a Northern Asian countryn state that was divided between India and Pakistan when the Partition of 1947. In recent decades, the trousers tunic has unfold throughout Asian country into regions and cultures wherever trousers tunic had solely been seen in movies before or on the occasional Punjabi or North Indian traveller. These sleek Indian fashion suits ar gaining quality among non-Indians throughout the planet similarly. Women, notwithstanding what their cultural or ethnic history, will take pleasure in the sweetness, vogue and female potential of trousers tunic. it's equally ingratiating on the and size or massive size girl because it is on the smaller girl.

Parts and Terms:
A traditional trousers tunic (shalwar kameez) could be a pant suit consisting of 3 pieces:
• Salwar: the pants of the suit. they're loose fitting with a string waist
• Kameez: the shirt of the suit. it's an extended, tunic vogue shirt
• Dupatta: the long scarf of the suit

In addition to the on top of terms it's extremely possible to seek out different variations however primarily they're all constant. Some common variations on these terms are:

Shalwar tunic – though this term will be utilized by each Indian and Pakistani natives, it's most frequently utilized by Pakistani natives. salwar tunic and trousers tunic ar primarily constant issue, simply a distinct approach of claiming it. AN exception to the current would be that some individuals assume that salwar tunic ought to have long sleeves.

Salwar Kamise- this can be simply a variation of the orthography of tunic.

Punjabi Suit or geographical areai Fashion - typically trousers tunic ar mentioned during this manner as a result of they're closely related to the state of Punjab in Northern Asian country. In fact, the trousers kameez’s origins and history began in geographical area, Northern Asian country.

Chuni or Chunni – Another term for a Dupatta.

Duppatta or Dupata – Variations of orthography for a Dupatta. we've an exquisite duppatta tutorial that you'll access by visiting our web site links found here:





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