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Pakistani Salwar Kameez Collection For Men | Kurta Shalwar Designs 2013-2014

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Shalwar tunic is cultural dress of South Asian countries worn by men and ladies, It additionally referred to as trousers Kamees in Hindi. trousers tunic handicraft vogue vary for ladies and boys. ladies pants tunic has body fitted handicraft however men’s pants tunic square measure loose and frequently cut straight and flat.Modern Mans trousers kamees square measure additional doubtless have European impressed style and styles and full with tailored skills, Not in overall Dress cut simply within the form and neck decoration however still ancient vogue is best styles in Menswear.Traditional Version of shirt pants or pants tunic are often a lot of less modest however nobody avoid this ancient Sober vogue.Traditional Menswear square measure straight with “U” form Damaan have Waist Pocket and Pocket on the facet chest, largely known on Cotton material and full sleeves with button cuff , Collar and button closure square measure most preferred styles of pants tunic.Pakistani shirt pants has Chinese Collar or ” Kanthi Collar” Button Closure, Cuff / Folding Sleeves pockets on chest and waist and slit on the facet paired with Pajama additionally.So nowadays Clothing9 Brought Pakistani trousers tunic assortment 2013-2014 that carry ancient patterns created on cotton with tailored particularization and adorned with Self color embroidery.Hope our valued guests like these shirt pants styles For Men.

                                   Designer Kurta Shalwar 


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