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Cotton could be a soft, downlike staple fiber that grows during a boll, or protecting capsule, round the seeds of cotton plants of the Gossypium. The fiber is nearly pure polyose. below natural condition, the cotton balls can tend to extend the dispersion of the seeds.
The plant could be a bush native to tropical and subtropic regions round the world, together with America, Africa, and India. the best diversity of untamed cotton species is found in Mexico, followed by Australia and Africa.[1] Cotton was severally domesticated within the recent and New Worlds. the English name derives from the Arabic (al) qutn قُطْن, that began to be used circa 1400 metal.[2] The Spanish word, "algodón", is likewise derived from the Arabic.

The fiber is most frequently spun into yarn or thread and wont to build a soft, breathabletextile. the employment of cotton cloth|for cloth|for material} is understood so far to prehistoric times; fragments of cotton fabric dated from 5000 BCE are excavated in Mexico and also the Indus vale Civilization (modern day Pakistan). though cultivated since antiquity, it had been the invention of the gin that therefore down the value of production that crystal rectifier to its widespread use, and it's the foremost wide used fiber artifact in article of clothing nowadays.
Current estimates for world production area unit concerning twenty five million tonnes annually, accounting for two.5% of the world's tillable land. China is that the world's largest producer of cotton, however most of this is often used domestically. The us has been the most important businessperson for several years.

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