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Beautifully Tailored Three Piece Suits

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Three piece suits actually represent better value for money than two piece suits.

This is because although a three piece suit has the added cost of the waistcoat, the suit becomes much more versatile. For much as we would all love to have a suit for all occasions, the truth is that the more sensible approach is to have a few suits that are adaptable enough to be worn for a huge variety of situations. You may not wear the waistcoat all the time, but it is there when you need it. 
In short, the simple addition of a waistcoat turns a 'normal' 2-piece suit into something quite special. It shows you have taken extra effort with your appearance, and on some occasions this is vital.

We believe that every man should own at least one three piece wedding suit and one three piece business suit, for the following reasons:

Why every man should own a 3-Piece Wedding suit

General Points
Two piece suits tend to be associated with business suits or lounge suits, whereas three piece suits have a real sense of ‘special occasion’ about them.
Three piece suits are more flattering to your body shape. King & Allen waistcoats have a buckle at the back designed to pull you in at the waist. If you are large they make you look make you look thinner, and if you are thin they give you more shape. 
In turn waistcoats make the jacket fit better on you.

Wear a three piece suit to a wedding and it shows you have taken extra special care over your appearance. If you’re a guest it is a great compliment to your hosts (and will impress the ladies!). If you’re the groom it’s vital that you make every effort to look the very best you possibly can.
Three piece suits are not as common as two piece suits, and ensure that you stand out but only in a sartorial way – not in an ostentatious way.
Wedding ties are often bright and silky, and on a two piece suit can draw too much attention. The waistcoat ensures that less of the tie is seen, so the stylistic point is made, but not overtly.

For the Ceremony:
Even if you are attending a laid back wedding, during the vows formality is paramount. Wearing a three piece suit for the ceremony and removing the waistcoat for the rest of the day serves as a great differentiator between the two sides of the day.
If the groomsmen are wearing matching waistcoats guests can easily find them if they need assistance.

For the Meal:
Bear in mind that due to either nerves or the temperature (or both) you will feel hot on the day. We can help you with this with clever choices of cloths and style choices, but it is still nice to know that if you want to remove your jacket you will still look smart if you are wearing a waistcoat. 
For the Reception:
This is especially the case during the dancing afterwards. The waistcoat ensures you look smart and ‘together’ right up to the end of the night. The problem with shirts is that it’s not long before they start to look creased and dishevelled. It’s a long day; you do not want this!
All King & Allen trouser waistbands have a built in shirt grip, but this can only do so much. Some of the wilder dance moves (‘The Sprinkler’ for example!) will inevitably pull at your shirt tails. The waistcoat will help curtail this.

Why every man should own a 3-piece Business suit

Even if the fit is perfect and the cloth is exquisite (prerequisites at King & Allen of course!) a two piece business suit can only perform so well, often because the tones of a business suit are quite formal. A three piece suit, however, says you mean business. If you wear them all the time then we salute you, but it must be exhausting shouldering all that power all the time!
We advise customers to wear the waistcoat only when they are, to coin a phrase, ‘bringing out the big guns’: important meetings, first time client introductions, interviews, AGMs, awards ceremonies etc. 
These occasions do not happen every day, but when they do it is important that you make not just a good impression but a great one. You will also feel better having made the extra sartorial effort, and you will inevitably tackle the occasion with more confidence knowing you look the part.



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